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Linda Freeman was born and raised in Eureka, Missouri, graduating from Eureka High School in 2000. After graduation, Linda continued her education at the University of Missouri Columbia where she graduated with honors with a Degree in English and Biology. She then attended Washington University School of Law, graduating in 2007 and passed the Missouri Bar later that year.

Linda began her legal career with the Jefferson County Public Defender’s Office after interning there during law school. During her years at that office she gained extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney. She represented clients charged with various types of offenses, ranging from misdemeanors to serious Class A and B felonies. While there she tried multiple jury trials and acquired valuable litigation skills and experience. She also provided legal representation to juveniles and received special recognition for her commitment to juvenile defense.

Since joining the Thurman Law Firm in 2012, Linda has continued to develop her litigation skills, trying and winning multiple jury and non-jury trials for her clients. Linda has also continued to develop her expertise in juvenile representation, representing juveniles charged with serious felonies and successfully arguing to keep them within the juvenile treatment system.

Her practice also includes considerable DWI work, navigating clients through both the criminal and administrative consequences of a DWI. In 2014, Linda completed the NHTSA training, participating in the same training as police officers in order to better understand the field sobriety tests and the training officers undergo to administer the tests. As a result, Linda has a unique perspective in her defense, enabling her to make better arguments when defending her clients in court. Her training allows her to provide a complete DWI defense, focusing not only on the criminal case, but also working to protect her client’s driver’s license from administrative action.

She has also expanded her areas of practice to include all aspects of family law, including dissolution, paternity, child custody, juvenile court and allegations of abuse within the Children’s Division. She has successfully guided her clients through the court process, working hard to ensure they, and their children, do not get lost in the system. Her ability and willingness to advocate for her clients and their interests enable her to provide the best representation possible. Linda’s understanding of the difficult and complicated situations her clients are facing as well as her compassion allows her to effectively represent her clients through what is often an incredibly difficult and emotional process. Her knowledge of the Courts and the judicial system, her litigation talents, and her desire to be the best advocate for her clients has made her a respected member of the Jefferson County Bar Association and of the Thurman Law Firm.

Linda currently resides in Imperial with her husband, Matthew, a science teacher a Fox High School, and her two daughters, Charlotte and Audrey. She is active as a Girl Scout leader and is a member and volunteer with other civic minded organizations in the Jefferson County community.

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