Stephen M. Vighi


Stephen Vighi was born in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated with honors in 1991 from Chaminade College Preparatory.  After high school, Mr. Vighi graduated in 1995 from Washington University in St. Louis where he majored in political science and history.  He then attended St. Louis University Law School, graduating in 1998.   While in law school he worked as a law clerk for Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and also for John R. Boyce, P.C.  After law school, Mr. Vighi began his career as a criminal defense attorney as an Assistant Public Defender in Jefferson County.   As a Public Defender he acquired valuable trial experience defending both judge and jury tried criminal cases including serious Class A and B felonies.

Since joining the firm in 2004 he has continued his concentration in criminal defense and has an active trial practice.  Mr. Vighi’s criminal practice covers the full range of criminal defense matters from misdemeanors, warrant recalls and probation violations, to felonies in which defendants are facing the possibility of life imprisonment.

While Mr. Vighi concentrates his practice in the area of criminal law he has utilized his litigation skills in civil litigation involving juvenile, governmental, real estate and contract litigation matters.  In addition, Mr. Vighi serves as the designated defense attorney for the Jefferson County Juvenile Drug Court Program and also assisted in the formation of the Juvenile Drug Court Program in 2003.   Mr. Vighi is also the Prosecutor for the City of Crystal City.  Mr. Vighi has been a past President of the Young Lawyers Association in Jefferson County and is a member of the Jefferson County Bar Association.

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