We have various employment opportunities for attorneys, paralegals, clerks, and administrative assistants.  We hire attorneys who have recently completed or will soon complete law school, as well as attorneys who have engaged in the practice of law elsewhere.  We employ paralegals and clerks who can perform legal research, assist in the preparation of pleadings and discovery, assist with investigation, and otherwise assist with the legal services required to represent our clients.  We also employ administrative assistants who support our attorneys in transcribing dictation, organizing files and assisting in communication with clients.

We are located at One Thurman Court, 301 Main Street, Hillsboro, MO 63050, which is directly across the street from the Jefferson County Courthouse.  Hillsboro is situated near the middle of Jefferson County, Missouri.  It is located on Missouri State Highway 21, which provides easy access to St. Louis County and City to the north and Washington County to the south, and to Highways A, B, BB, M, MM and 110 which provide access to communities in Jefferson County and to the east and west of Hillsboro.

Our office building has more than 6,000 square feet of finished office space.  It is presently divided into offices for attorneys and paralegals, conference rooms, a law library, an office for technical support, work stations, and lobbies and waiting areas.  We have a kitchenette to prepare and keep beverages and food as necessary.  The administrative assistant’s’ work stations are located outside of the offices in an open arrangement. Each attorney, paralegal and administrative assistant has a separate computer connected to the office network.  We also have Westlaw and Internet connections for legal research.  Our members and staff are provided parking facilities immediately behind the building.

The attorneys in our office conduct a general civil law practice and criminal defense, with each attorney limiting his or her practice to specific areas of interest and demand.  New lawyers generally work with a supervising attorney who provides a mentoring program to guide them in their development as lawyers.  New lawyers will be provided work and training in various fields of law, in accordance with the demands of our clients, in order to provide to them the opportunity to determine their interests and develop their abilities.

We provide various benefit programs for our full-time members and staff.  Those benefits include health care insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, bar association dues, seminar fees, a retirement program, vacation and sick leave, as well as parking.

If you are interested in applying for employment with our firm, please contact our office manager who will be happy to discuss our current employment opportunities and, if appropriate, to arrange an interview with you or refer you to an attorney to further address our employment opportunities.

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